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Amazing Stories episode Magic Saturday
  • Categories:Male, Television Episode


In this episode, an elderly man (M. Emmitt Walsh) uses an ancient chant to swap bodies with his young grandson (Taliesen Jaffe -- what a name!) so that he (Grandpa) can play baseball one more time. It works, and now in the kid's body, the old man proves to be a phenomenal player, throwing all sorts of impossible pitches, like the ones Bugs Bunny used to in the old cartoons. He even tosses a "hovering" pitch that the opposing batter swings at three times, thus striking out on one throw. Meanwhile, the kid in Grandpa's body is scared and tries to soothe his confusion by eating all types of sugary, fatty, and otherwise unhealthy foods that Grandpa can no longer enjoy. This triggers a heart attack. Grandpa in the kid is delayed in returning home from the game, but he makes it in time to swap back with the kid in Grandpa. Following a a last goodbye, Grandpa (as himself) dies. The episode ends with the other kids in the neighborhood inviting the kid to join them in another baseball game (since he played so incredibly the last time. This is supposed to be a "feel-good" Spielbergian comedy, but it has a LOT of things wrong with it. For one, GRANPA DIES. Had the kid shown any self-control, this wouldn't have had to have happened. No one seems to care when the old guy kicks the bucket. For another thing, the neighborhood kids (who had formerly snubbed the main boy) are now so impressed by him that they want him to play with them again -- HELLO??? He CAN'T play the same way again since that was Grandpa at the controls! How are they going to react when he returns to stinking at sports? But the worst mistake of the entire program is the fact that the gorgeous Caren Kaye played the boy's mother and Granpa's daughter (or daughter-in-law, I never noticed which), and she's never swapped with ANYONE else, even though she's prime rib, A-One, Grade-A swapping material. Oh well.

originally posted by Daydreamer on 2003-07-18, no edits, entryid=3471