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Freaky Friday (2003)
  • Categories:Age, Female, Movie


Very funny and basically well done - a much better last thrid than the others. The girl does a better job than Jaime Lee but both are good. The son is excellent. Very funny scenes in the chinese restaurent between the chinese mother & daughter there - which intiates the swap! Some good scenes are where the daughter insists on driving in the mom body & the mom find outs that a girl she thinks is nice is really a snake to her daughter and when Anna's friends try to kidnap who they thinis Anna for the rock tryout. Also, I think it was much better that there was a lot of interaction between the swapped pair with the girl in the mom gradually gaining dominance,
The first freaky friday was the most realistic until the end and it was the best acted. The ending hurt it as well as a horrible stunt double.


Another remake of the remake of the Jodie Foster film, second to be shown in theatres.

A mother and her wilful teenage daughter are always arguing; there is also a small brother who adds more than his share of irritation to the equation. Some Chinese fortune cookies provide the magic to make the mother and daughter exchange bodies, a fairly hackneyed setup for exploring the other person's point of view.

Before this stage is reached, the daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan) finds the annoying little brother Harry (Ryan Malgarini) jumping on Anna's bed wearing a red bra over his clothes. He is with a couple of his friends, mimicking Anna's moaning about not being noticed by a boy.



Mother and daughter after the swap.

Taking "loving step-father" a bit too far.

Trapped in her own daughter's body.

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