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X-Men 2
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Mystique becomes many women in this sequel. (She also impersonates a few men)

. Sultry blonde barfly with GREAT legs
. Impersonates jean grey in order to have sex with wolverine. Wolverine figures it out and she then impersonates several women in a row, asking him "who do you want me to be"?

It's worth seeing for those two scenes, there may be more.



Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), who

rejected Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)

a short while ago, now slips into

his tent to be intimate with him.

2. But when Wolverine finds three

scars on Jean's belly, he realizes

that this is really the shapeshifter

Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos).

(Mystique was injured in the previous


3. "No one's ever left a scar quite

like you," says Mystique using the

voice of Jean Grey, but gradually

changing into her own voice as she

reveals her own form.

4. "What do you want, an apology?"

demands Wolverine. "You know what

I want," says Mystique in a sultry

voice. "But what do *you* want?"

So saying, she takes on the shape

of Storm (Halle Berry).

5. If Wolverine is not attracted to

Storm, Mystique can easily take on

another form more to his desires ...

6. Mystique changes from Storm into

young Rogue (Anna Paquin).

7. ... then back to Jean Grey again.

8. Appalled, Wolverine shoves

Mystique away. "What do you *really*

want?" she asks as she begins to

shapeshift again ...

9 ... this time into the form of

William Stryker, enemy of the

X-Men and especially of Wolverine.

B1. An attractive woman at the bar

introduces herself to the guard as


B2. She and the guard immediately

get it on in the privacy of a

filthy men's room cubicle, where

the guard passes out from the drugs

she slipped into his beer.

B3. As she prepares to inject the

unconscious guard Mitch Laurio (Ty

Olsson), she reveals her true form.

B4. She is herself again. (Wondering

what actress played Grace? Mystique

and Grace were played by the same

actress! Perhaps she really *is*

a bit of a shapeshifter!)

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