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Pokemon Master Quest episode Hocus Pokemon

  • Categories:Animal, Magical, Television Episode, Anime


In the episode "Hocus Pokemon", Ash and the gang meet up with a Murkrow-toting witch who is making a potion to allow trainers to read their Pokemon's thoughts. The final ingredient she needs is the tear of a Aipom. Predictably, even though she's been searching months for one, now that Ash and the others are helping her look one conviently shows up and gets away, as Misty, Brock, Ash, and the witch all try to tackle it at once, slamming into each other. Just as predictably, Team Rocket finds out about the spell, and, in a hair-brained attempt to steal Pokemon, steal the witchs spell-component case and spellbook, and kipdnap the Aipom. After a few horrible tries at getting it to cry (the book says tears attained by violence won't work), our "heros" show up and blast Team Rocket off again, although not before James' Victreebell latches his head, managing to garner some tear-jerking laughs from the Aipom. After they collect the tear, the witch mixes it all together, telling Ash that Pikachu needs to blast the concoction with a Thunder Jolt. Pikachu does so, and a yellow fog envelops Ash. As soon as it clears, we get to see out of Ash's eyes, looking up--WAY up, at Misty and Brock. Ash makes the comment that they're looking at him as if he had two heads, and Misty replies by saying there's only one, and flashing a mirror in Ash's direction. Suprise, suprise--Ash is now a Pikachu. Luckily, as the witch explains, the spell isn't permanent, so PikAsh, Pikachu, and a few other Pokemon go off to play. Ash doesn't change back until the next episode, "As Clear as Crystal".



This is a picture I found for Hocus Pokemon.

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