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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode Trakeena's Revenge
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode


The Power Rangers LSR squad team up with the Space Rangers to take on the big bad villains from both series when humans start to disappear from an office building. The Mother of a little girl is taken to the 13th floor by the evildoers and SHRUNK down along with other kidnapped humans to become a power source for Trakeena.

The little girl girl manages to seek out help from the Red ranger. Soon the Light Speed Rescue Rangers are aided by the Space Rangers, who have been following Trakeena in her quest to regain her alien powers, and in the conclusion of the 2 part story, they manage to vanquish Trakeena and set back the current villians as well.

Oh yes, the shrunken humans are restored to full size and rescued by the Rangers, of course!

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9 Comment: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, "Trakeena's Revenge"
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