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Beyond Re-animator
  • Categories:Gender, Television Movie
  • Aired: 2003


This was a SciFi Channel original movie. A sequel to the Reanimator movies. In this film a very sexy female journalist is killed while doing investigative research at a maximum security prison. The Re-Animator, Doctors Herbert West, is an inmate there. A young doctor (recently hired as the prison doctor) who had a tragic childhood experience when he witnessed his sister brutally killed by one of the reanimated is sexually involved with the female journalist. The female journalist is killed and injected with the green reanimator juice. She is reanimated as a souless creature.

The twist this time is that the Reanimator has discovered how to transfer a "soul" - called the neuro-plasm by using high voltage. In an attempt to restore her humanity, the sadistic male warden's soul is implanted into the female journalists brain. His twisted personality keeps rising to the surface of her psyche.

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