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Piers Anthony book Incarnations of Immortality books
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In this series of seven books, there are seven "gods" whose positions are filled by humans, who are then removed from their earthly lives to take up these seven positions for a certain period of time: Death, Chronos (Time), Fate, Mars (War), Nature, Satan (Evil), God. (Yes, "God" is a position, rather like "General Manager" or "CEO"!)

The seven books describe essentially the same convoluted timeline from the point of view of the different characters, and are rife with transformations. Most notable is the demonic temptress Lilith who can take any female form to seduce men. The sexiest of all the books is, in my opinion, #6, For Love of Evil (about Satan), where Lilith seduces the formerly saintly character so much that he cannot help but become the evil Satan. Other transformations:

"With a Tangled Skein": "Fate" is actually a 3-in-1 goddess who not only switches between her various 3 personalities (each with its own form) but also takes the form of other mortals. Near the end, one of the personalities dies, and someone else has to take over. A man is chosen, and he must take on a female form so that it "fits" the goddess, so there is transgender here.

"Wielding a Red Sword": Lilith takes many forms to tempt Mars.

"Being a Green Mother" (I think that's the book --it's the one with Jonah the Whale) the female demon Jezebel is cursed to be a dumpy old woman by day, but after sunset turns into a ravishingly beautiful nymphomaniac who cannot help but have sex with a man every hour while she is in this form.

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