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Don Wilcox
  • Categories:Gender, Short Story
  • in "Fantastic Adventures" magazine December 1945


Shaftway Danger over at Fictionmania reported this story...
He has it. I do not :(

The December 1945 Fantastic Adventures had a story with a good TG bit in it. The story was "The Serpent has Five Fangs" by Don Wilcox, one of the more prolific pulp writers of the day. In it, an adventurer travels to South America to find "a queenly gift", assuming that it meant treasure. After an encounter with a magic serpent, he wakes to find he has been transformed into a beautiful blonde woman. Here is an excerpt:

A change had come over me, and my first clear-cut feeling of altered instincts, as I groped for consciousness, concerned Safsaf. Grizzled, gaunt man that he was, he was every inch a hero -- and he was handsome. And I lay on the shelf watching him walking along the opposite side of the cavern, and I gathered my disarrayed clothing about myself as neatly as I could, covering my breasts and smoothing the skin anklets that still clung to me.

I adjusted the goatskin mask on my face. I rolled up the cascade of blonde hair that hung over my shoulder, and covered it tightly within the Kisqv headdress.

She travels back to the US with her wife, who can't understand how a stranger could have her husband's ticket. Eventually, she manages to get changed back to a man, too bad. Well it was 1945 after all.


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