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Hero #12-#14

  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
Hero #12
  • Title: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, pt 1"
  • Cover Date: March 2004
Hero #13
  • Title: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, pt 2"
  • Cover Date: April 2004
Hero #14
  • Title: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, pt 3"
  • Cover Date: May 2004
(c) DC Comics


Tough guy Joe Hamill thought it would be great to use the H-E-R-O device...but he got more than he bargained for! Now he's been transformed into Electro Lass, and, having lost the mystical dial, he has no way to transform back into his manly self. What's a, do?

His wife Amy does not believe that this statuesque blonde is her husband.

As Electro Lass, Joe is able to stop a few criminals, but does not fully get into being a super heroine.

He does experience some of the unpleasant aspects of being a woman.
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Uvf orfg sevraq gnxrf nqinagntr bs uvz nsgre n avtug bs urnil qevaxvat naq ur vf ershfrq n wbo onpx va pbafgehpgvba

This issue ends on a very strange note, before going very dark.
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Wbr vf fvggvat va n erfgnhenag, jurer uvf jvsr Nzl ragref ubyqvat gur UREB qrivpr. Nsgre hfvat vg, Wbr ergheaf gb abezny, unccl gb bapr ntnva or znyr. Ubjrire, vg vf erirnyrq ba gur arkg cntr gung guvf jnf n qernz. Ur unf erfvtarq uvf fhcre-urebvar yvsr naq orpnzr n fgevccre gb znxr zbarl. Ur ab ybatre unf nal bs gur ryrpgevpny cbjref, naq tbrf ol gur anzr Wb.


  • Although he is refereed to as Electro Lass, he is never actually named that in the book.
  • Although the covers are very detailed, they do not resemble Joe at all. The true look is that of the blonde woman above.



Cover of issue #12

Cover of issue #13.

Cover of issue #14.

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