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Original: Die vertauschten K�pfe - Eine indische Legende
engl. title: The Transposed Heads - A Legend of India

This book tells the story of a woman in love with two men. she loves one for his mind and the other for his body.Both men are very close friends. She gets married to one with the beautiful mind and yet lusts after the one with the beautiful body.

Some strange happenings later, both men cut off their heads in front of a goddess. The woman, with blessings of the Goddess sticks the heads back on, and in her nervousness, attaches the wrong head to the wrong body..

So now the guy with the beautiful mind has the beautiful body and so forth..

The question is who is her true husband and why?

And once she chooses, then does the body follow the mind or vice versa? Do further dilemmas grow with passage of time?

originally posted by Michael Binary on 2006-08-26, no edits, entryid=325