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Buffy, The Vampire Slayer episode Chosen
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In the last episode of the entire series, The First appears in the form of Caleb the mad priest who then morphs into Buffy, right in front of the Vampire Slayer.


Caleb/the First says that Buffy killed his good right arm, but he's not worried, he has an army. Buffy counters, saying mockingly "an army of vampires... however will I fight..." Caleb verbally spars back, saying that her army is a bunch of pimply-faced teens. Buffy spars back, saying that he needs a new cool name like 'the taunter', not being able to do much while incorporeal. Caleb/the First wonders why she's pretending to be so calm when she's already up and not in the arms of her dead lover? He goes on to say that he will be corporeal when his army's outnumber the humans on the planet, and nobody's gonna be able to stop him, not Faith nor her friends nor the Slayer brigade. The SIT's are powerless unless she's dead to pass the power to one of them.

Caleb then says to Buffy that she knows the drill,

and morphs into Buffy's mirror image (same clothes and everything)

and Buffy/the First starts the familiar "Into each generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world. She alone will have the strength to... There's that word again... what you are, how you'll die. Alone." Buffy stands silently, facing the First, as if thinking of something, her mind elsewhere.

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