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Birume Sentai Barayarou
  • Categories:Misc, Computer Game
  • aka "Gourmet Squadron Barayarou"


A very strange Japanese beat-em-up game on the SNES made by Virgil Entertainment. It lets you play one person (either one of two guys, or a girl) as you make your way past some odd enemies and bosses all while taking some food. Not exactly a great beat-em-up, but unique in its way.

There is a transformation which does take place at one of the bosses. He's a magician of sorts who fights with his tie and hat. When his tie snap its fingers (I'm serious, it punches for him and everything) a floating hat will come down after you. If it goes over you, it'll swallow you up, and you'll lose a bit of health, but you will temporary become one of the enemies from the game. They include a strange flopping muscle man with a jetpack, a giant sneezing robot head, a ditzy armored girl with jetpack and claws, a playboy bunny girl, and an inanimate robot with a block head that explodes if destroyed.

The effects are temporary and are usually not helpful in the game (it's only in the boss fight, and the enemies are stiff) but for a while you can move the enemy and perform some moves. The bunny girl can do a supercharge explosion by doing the ha-do-ken move (Down, down-forward, forward + Y) among other attacks.


originally posted by Alex on 2004-01-05, no edits, entryid=3138