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The Return of Chandu
  • Categories:Female, Movie
Release Date October 1, 1934


On the Island of Lemuria, the warlocks plan to resurrect their high priestess, Ossena, by bringing Princess Nadji to the island and forcing her to undergo a ritual by which her soul is transferred back (?) into Ossena's body.

Her lover Frank Chandler, aka Chandu the Magician, is forced to go to Lemuria with his sister and niece and nephew to rescue her from the warlocks.

When Chandu is made a prisoner of the warlocks, Nadji vows to them that she will bow to their wishes if Chandu is released, which he is. She then allows herself to be cremated on a pyre beside Ossena's body as Chandu watches helplessly.

Ossena's body floats in the air as Nadji's soul passes into it through the medium of the walocks' spell, above the altar of their cat goddess. She then stands upright, goes over to the throne, and sits down in it.

Only then does Chandler act, casting a spell which makes the Warlock's magic vanish, and rescuing Nadji by pulling her away from the throne. All four heroes escape from the Island of Lemuria with Nadji in tow.

Chandler was played by Bela Lugosi in what was to be his only English-speaking heroic role.

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