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Light Fantasy 2
  • Categories:Age, Computer Game


A Japanese RPG for the SNES, this game features a sort of strategy battle system that involves moving your character(s) on the battlefield and trying to destroy each opponent via attack, spells and the like.

This game has a TF storyline involved as apparently the main character gets turned into a baby (with blanket and pacifier and all) by a couple of witches at the beginning of the game. However, the witch bring you to wherever gets killed on her way, leaving the main character helpless before being saved by a bunch of strange people.

I went as far as I could given my 'trial and error' ways and lack of Japanese knowledge, getting stuck after a while, but the main character (you) is trying to progress and find these certain people, and is initially stuck as a weak baby. And yes, the baby actually fights in battle. However, as you progress, options may arise and some times you'll grow a little more in age. Some options might reverse your aging process a few, but your character will eventually age back to normal over the long run.

The game doesn't have much in the look department, as it's generally cutsey SD-anime stuff you'd find on 16-bit systems, but the game seems to have a good story behind it and the fantasy themed game also has a few other TF instances. It's just the age storyline that is more prevalant.

Now if only this game had a translator...

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