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Ted Andrews book Animal Speak
  • Categories:Animal, Book


This book is mostly on the symbolism and mystical qualities that different cultures ascribe to different animals, but it has a few rituals that can be practiced. One of these is described as shapeshifting.
Please note that you don't actually physically change shape, but rather you alter your state of mind so that you become the animal in your mind. So really, we're talking about a mental transformation. Also, while I list this under animal - because that's how it is described in the book - modifying the practice a little bit could allow you to produce other effects, such as becoming another person.
Even though the book provides a small warning, I don't think it stresses it enough, so I will state here, be careful when toying with altered states of mind. If you get carried away with it, you may find that it can get carried away with you.

originally posted by guest (RJ Dalton) on 2006-09-01, no edits, entryid=309