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Misadventures of Fanny Starr: Case of the Two Fanny Starrs
  • Categories:Female, Movie


Fanny Starr (Clancey McCauley) is hired by Vanessa Krueger (Deana) to guard the lab of Vanessa’s late father, but it turns out to be a trap by the hit woman. Using her father’s equipment, Vanessa is able to switch bodies with Fanny in order fulfill a “hit” and have the blame fall on Fanny. But her henchman has other plans and they both find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies! Laura Giglio joins the cast as Penelope and constantly finds herself in all sorts of deathtraps! Ultimately, she finds herself side by side with Fanny as they both face a horrible death at the hands of Penelope’s arch enemy, Kraven (Ben Morgan). Also starring Dawn Murphy and GW Lawrence

The movie is over all ok if you like "Big Girls". The switch only last about 10 minutes with the victim being stuck in the other girls body. Cost is $20.00 bucks and it took forever to recieve from the WAVE corp.

I will give it **1/2

originally posted by Globster on 2004-01-24, 3 edits, entryid=3085