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Spirit Of Wonder
  • Categories:Size, Movie
  • Part 1


In the town of Bristol in Great Britain, Dr. Breckenridge is testing his new shrinking ray. Unfortunately, his landlady "Miss China" is upset with how far behind he is on his rent and kicks his door in at a crucial moment of the test; as a result, she gets bombarded with the shrinking energy. At first she just seemes a bit shorter, but as the days pass she gets tinier and tinier. It becomes clear Dr. B and his assistant are going to have to put together an antidote ray before Miss China shrinks into oblivion. (There is also a "growth to giant size" sequence at the end of the video.)

TRIVIA: This movie seems inspired by "Alice In Wonderland" and has what appear to be a couple of "tributes" to the Disney cartoon. ALSO: Some Internet sites list this DVD as "Volume 2", a reference to an earlier Spirit of Wonder film never released in the States; however, the copy I bought is clearly labeled "Volume 1".

originally posted by Cobe on 2004-02-12, no edits, entryid=3020