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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
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After you complete the events in Joke's End, Mario and Luigi loose the Bean Star and are not able to get back the Princess.
Then the game goes to a cut scene where Mario shows Bowletta that she has the wrong Peach. The peach with him sounds like the proper peach, but keeps her face covered. Bowletta throw down the Peach she has and captures the Peach with Mario. It ends up that the Peach with Mario is Luigi in her spare dress. However, he looks like her and sounds like her, so it seems like it is some tpe of magic going on here.

When you get to the Fourth Bean Star piece, you are put on a side quest to find 7 neon eggs. The last one is found above ground near the beach, but it is quickly eaten by a walking Piranha Plant. One of the moves the Piranha plant has is it throws up something it ate and spits it at you. When the battle is over, all that remains is this �food� it was spitting at you. The food turns out to be a MINI Prince Peasly. Using Luigi�s hammer attack, you can restore the Prince to his normal size and get the last piece.

originally posted by Sara on 2004-03-07, 1 edit, entryid=2933