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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
  • Categories:Gender, Computer Game
  • Game System: PC and Mac
  • Original Release Date: Sep 24, 2000
  • Also known as: Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn


The cursed girdle of gender (or of masculinity/femininity) can be obtained in this game. (Only by using a cheat) Which when worn switches the gender of it's owner, and cannot be removed/reversed unless casted with a remove curse spell or the character is killed.

Also there is a side quest in the game after you get a evil mage named Edwin to join your party. In this quest he wants to locate the "nether scroll". After obtaining it and letting Edwin translate it for a few days, Edwin will attempt to cast the spell thinking it will transform into something powerful but it ends up transforming him into a woman(along with a new voice and a few stat bonuses). The other characters in your party will make fun of his situation (such as giving him the name Edwina) through numerous scripted events after words.

  • a mod is available to that changes Edwin's portrait to a female one when this quest occurs (normally his portrait doesn't change only his voice and model)

Result of the quest
Click to show spoiler
Nsgre 30 qnlf be fb n rirag vaibyivat fbzrbar frnepuvat sbe Rqjva jvyy nccrne naq riraghnyyl ur jvyy svther bhg Rqjvan vf Rqjva naq erghea uvz onpx gb abezny nsgre va juvpu Rqjva xvyyf uvf chefhre.

With the Throne of Bhaal expansion the game ends with telling what happens to the characters after the events of the game.

Edwin's Ending
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Sbe Rqjva ur pbagvahrq uvf neebtnag jnlf naq riraghnyyl onggyrq "jvgu Ryzvafgre bs Funqbjqnyr uvzfrys, n fubeg nssnve gung fnj gur raq bs Rqjva'f rkvfgrapr va gur Ernyzf. Rqjvan, ubjrire, graqf one va n Jngreqrrc gnirea. Fur vf n ovggre, ovggre jbzna"

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