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Superboy (The TV Series) episode The Basement. 4x04
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode


Lana was in a family's basement, due to sighting of ghost. She saw a young girl there, whom Lana tried to help but found the young girl grabbed her and placed a small device to her neck. The young girl really an alien from a world that had no identities. They survived by steal other's identity and life via the small device. The alien transformed into exact like Lana, but the real Lana managed to break the device on her neck, and stopped her memory to be stolen. The fake alien Lana was forced to asked the real Lana for her life and memories, then left the real Lana in the basement, and went on to carry out her life and back to her job, in order to keep up her appearance as Lana. Only later when Superboy found both of them in the basement, and asked a trick question that the real Lana would know, it was discoverd about the fake alien/Lana.

The alien then tried to attach the device to Superboy's neck and started to turn into him. But the real Lana pulled the device out, and the alien changed into nothing.

originally posted by The Gambler on 2006-09-07, no edits, entryid=290