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Doctor Who episode Love & Monsters
  • Categories:Inanimate, Television Episode


The Absorbaloff is using a group of UFO fanatics to get info on the Doctor in hopes of absorbing him into itself. It absorbs the members of the group except for Elton. Ursula, Elton's would-be girlfriend and ther monster's last victim, convinces the victims to fight back from inside the monster. This allows Elton to break the monster's walking stick, which causes the monster's body to liquify and seep into the ground, unfortunately taking its victims with it.

However, all is not lost! The Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver to solidify Ursula's DNA in a block of concrete. At the end, we see Elton has the block, with Linda's living face on it, in his room. Elton still loves Ursula no matter what state she's in, and Ursula says she'll never age. They even hint that thewy've become intimate (eeew), so it's a happy ending ... I guess.

originally posted by Dale Ribbons on 2006-12-11, no edits, entryid=29