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Robert Bloch
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First person narrative. In the 40s a census taker comes to a house. meets an orginary lookng woman who says her occupation is a witch and she is 700 plus years old. he tries to leave, but the door has disappered! Its written very hard boiled detective syle. He is forced by her to go to a sabbath as A Question Of Etiquette as the devil insists on 13 at cloven. A chilling scene when the devil appears. As the narrator says His actions were vey ordinary, as ordinary as hell! Another witch shows up and the devil is furious and kills the witch who brought him. He is forced to take her place and is put in her body.

Very well written story.

Not sure this should be mythical, Anyway an evil ancient Egyptain wizard has put his soul into jewels in his mummy's eyes. thousands of years later a tomb raider looks into the eyes and is forced to switch bodies with him. He ends up in the mummy but for a time is still conscious in 'its rotting flesh' while the wizard is alive and in his body.

Way over the top writing but effective.

A carnival barker with a morbid feer of the geek is turned into a chicken and has his head bitten off.

A man sells his soul to the devil for one night with his high school crush. In order to prevend the devil from tricking him, he brings her picture and says he wants her to look just like she does in the photo. The devil comes through: the girl is two inches tall, just like in the picture.

In "I Like Blondes," an alien hijacks the bodies of earth men so he can kidnap earth women. This is a much better story than it sounds here.

In "All on a Golden Afternoon," a rich woman believes she's travelled through the looking glass and experienced Alice's adventures. Her psychicatrist, in an attempt to bring her back to reality, gulps down the 'drink me' bottle and shrinks away to nothing.

Man hired as custodian by occultist falls in love with mermaid staying there. However most of the characters get switched with a male centaur ending up in the mermaid's body.

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