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The Polymer City Chronicles
  • Categories:Misc, Website


A unique online comic, the Polymer City Chronicles is all about overdeveloped alien women and the men who oggle them. And, occasionally, video games.

The main characters are Andrah, who's huge and blue, her scientist husband Otto, and Sheeri, the token cute furry girl. There are others, but those're all we need now.

The storyline in question captures our interest when Sheeri visits a settlement of her native people, whose home world has been decimated. There, she's confronted by a shadowy, draconic entity. This is Flint, one of two servants to the comic's primary villain, Mistress Laura (a dead exotic dancer).

Trying to keep her for his doyenne's purposes, Flint merges himself with Sheeri. However, this turns out to be a mistake on Flint's part, since as a single entity he/she/it no longer feels compelled to serve Laura. Now a sinister new creature, they go off on their own. Still with me here? There's more.

Since Flint is an aspect of his Mistress's psyche (the id, specifically), the severance of his direct connection to her has a serious negative effect. When the good guys find her, Laura has deteriorated into an adorable, crying little (dead) girl looking for her "doll" (Flint). They agree to find him for her. Better the Devil you know, I suppose.

Wow, when you try and explain it you realize it's a really complicated comic. But it's fun, and promotes a transformation-friendly atmosphere. Just look at the fan art.

The juicy parts mentioned start around at 12-23-2003 in the archives.


originally posted by Joe England on 2004-03-16, no edits, entryid=2879