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Alice on Deadlines issue All chapters
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This whole manga is about a shikigami (death god, grim reaper) named Lapan who comes down to Earth, ending up in the body of a schoolgirl named Alice instead of a skeleton. Shikigami aren't allowed to come here in their own form. Alice's soul ends up displaced within the skeleton. Lapan is supposed to reap the souls of shibito--those who are neither living nor dead. Two more shikigami come here (as of the two volumes I've read, which are the only ones translated right now) and, surprise surprise, they both are in girl's bodies too. One is Ume, a boy who basically goes homo for Lapan, which is okay with shikigami law, but not okay with the hetero Lapan ^^''. Ume becomes the maid at Alice's house, and pretty much stalks him while he's still chasing girls, in a girl body. It's all quite ecchi, but it's fun risque. The second one who comes down is Lapan's superior, Yoo. Yoo is only shown so far in the last chapter of volume 2. He's shown in a typical schoolgirl uniform. So, all in all, I highly recommend it. It's got action! Romance! Comedy! Annnd, of course, TG, which is what you're all after, right? Read it even if you don't like TG. >.> <.<


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