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Doraemon issue Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Vol 42


Another uses of the 'Body Swapping Baton' is in this volume. Nobita and Shizuka, his friend (and his wife in the future) wants to swap themselves.After the swap, Nobita (in Shizuka's body) realize that they can't change their intelligences. He thought by switching Shizuka's body, he'll be smarter as Shizuka. That's the weaknest of the 'Body Swapping Baton'. On the other hand, she likes to be a boy (in Nobita's body). From climbing trees to playing softball. Until she realized she wants to swap back as she was about to take a bath. (Note that at the same time Nobita also decides to take a bath to see her body. What a pervert.) He was about to undress when Shizuka came in by using the 'Go-anywhere-you-want door' (one of Doraemon's items)

P.s.: Evevy volume of the book, Nobita accidentely enters Shizuka's bathroom while she's bathing by using the 'Go-anywher-you-want door.


Nobita: Here,touch it!

Shizuka: Oh, I don't know

Doraemon: Done!

Nobita(In Shizuka's body):

WOW!Is this me?

Shizuka(in Nobita's body):


Nobita:What's so

'EWW' about,huh?

Shizuka: But...

Nobita: OK! Now you stay here

while I go to Shizuka's house.

Shizuka: Make sure you don't blew

your cover!


Hooray! I'm a beautiful girl!

The world has changed!

Nobita: Can wear skirt,

can see myself naked...

Oh, I can get used to this!

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