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Inspector Gadget episode The Amazon
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode


In this one, Inspector Gadget is in the Amazon jungle looking for the man who had given him his bionic powers. The man is being held prisoner by Dr. Claw at the MAD Amazon Jungle base so he can produce a series of deadly robots based on Inspector Gadget (and they are - they look just like the inspector but are made out of metal). However, the man has downloaded his own brain patterns into the robots, causing them to act like a crippled old man and walk with canes! Dr. Claw insists on downloading Gadget's mind into the robots - as if that would be any better! - so that he can use them to take over the world. Meanwhile, the inspector is wandering through the jungle, being chased by a white gorilla (!) that is worshipped by the natives. Eventually, the gorilla chases him over the booby trap Dr. Claw has set for Gadget and falls into the mind downloading mechanism, causing a short circuit when he tries to break free. Now the gorilla's mind is downloaded into the robots, causing them to go out of control and destroy the MAD base, which in turn causes Dr. Claw to beat a hasty retreat in his car/plane. Meanwhile, the inspector and the man get out of the base alive, and the gorilla comes out of hiding and speaks in a soft British accent! The man's mind was imprinted on the gorilla when the machine short circuited.

originally posted by guest (Glammazon) on 2006-09-11, no edits, entryid=281