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Brian Lumley book Aunt Hester
  • Categories:Gender, Book
  • isbn 0312876955, in The Whisperer and Other Voices


Here's a review of the story, which I have yet to read.

Aunt Hester, brimming with Lovecraftian themes that also dart in their own morbid direct, deals with a woman that can, for some strange reason, switch bodies with her twin brother if she wants to. She finds it out quite by accident at first, doing things innocently and then out of anger. Well, this doesn't sit too well with him, and she learns, in a not-so-wonderful manner involving a very valuable life lesson, why she shouldn't play in grounds she's been told to leave alone. The ending to this piece is a very good one, taking the main plot and standing it on its proverbial ear a bit, giving the reader something that they can take with them anytime they find themselves in a dark, silent void within the night.

originally posted by anonymous on 2004-05-10, no edits, entryid=2695