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Kingyo no Fun episode Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • live action TV Movie


A couple switch bodies during sex two days before their wedding. They decide get married away and take on each others identity. the movie shows their lives afterward.

I've seen part 2 and 3. Roughly an hour long each part. parts 1, 4, and possibly five should have been shown as well in the late 90's.

it comes across as the tv version of turnabout modified for japan. Nicely videotaped (I think it is videotape, not film.) it generally explores their new lives. The one flaw is that without knowing japanese language, it often seems like the two leads are simply a bit unfamiliar with their life. But it is worth watching out of curiosity at least once just for the interesting look at lifestyles of the japanese.

A note about the opening credits.

the artwork shown is done by the comic book creator of the original source material. He may be the man in the park showing the art to a crowd of women. the women are entralled by the art and story, and after the final panel is shown with the swap, it is briefly revealed that the women in the park watching him are now all men! Too bad we don't get to see THEIR reactions! :)

originally posted by anonymous cj on 2004-05-18, no edits, entryid=2685