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Neverwinter Nights
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This game and it's expansion packs are full of transformations!
Animal, mythical and a little bit of gender this game has it all. And who knows I probably missed some.....

The wizard class can learn a spell called polymorph self, which can transform you into are: Giant Spider, Troll, Umber Hulk, Pixie, or Zombie - (*note - the pixie is a female fairy, so this can count as a gender transformation if your using a male character and transform into a one)

Another spell you can learn is Shapechange, this allows you to transform into forms like a Red Dragon, a Fire Giant, a Balor, a Death Slaad, or a Iron Golem.

For the druid class you can get spells like Wildshape which allow you to transform into animals like a Badger, a Boar, a Brown Bear, a Panther, or a Wolf.

but wait there is more....

And if you happen to have the expansion pack "Hordes of the Underdark" - you get a new sub-class called shifter. The shifter class is all about transformations, it's special spells are based around being transformed into something else.

You get spells like Greater Wildshape (4 levels)In which you can transform into a wyrmling, a harpy, a gargoyle,a minotaur,a basilisk,a drider,a manticore, a dire tiger, a mindflayer or medusa.

Other spells include Hunmanoid Shape, Undead Form, Outsider Form,Construct Form, and Dragon Form. (Each spell has about 3 or 4 different forms) - There are too many to list, and anyways they are mostly different types of monsters and only hardcore geeks would know what they are.

originally posted by Matt on 2004-05-28, no edits, entryid=2666