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Red Vs Blue
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Based on the Halo video game, this is among the funniest web video comics out there. The red and blue teams must fight it out for domination of the Blood Gulch in the middle of nowhere.

(Small Spoiler)

Transformations include Mechanical, Posession, and Gender.

(Large Spoiler)

Mech transformation has one soldier transformed into a cyborg against his will.

Posession has various soldiers who died come back in ghost form and posess the bodies of other soldiers, as well as a spanish male robot soldier. :)

There is also an Artificial intelligence unit that jumps from soldier to soldier and makes them act differently, screwing with their personalities.

Gender transformation includes a female soldier posessing a male robot, a female soldier using voice software to sound male, and a very funny sketch inside the mind of a blue soldier, where his 'version' of the red soldier in the pink armour (male), is of a very feminine woman. Very funny!


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