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Doug episode N/A
  • Categories:Furry, Television Episode


I remembered something!
In one episode of Doug, Doug Funnie is accused of cheating off of Chalky Studebaker's English Test, because they both got the exact same answers. Chalky is the school jock / popular kid / all around talented guy. Doug knows that it must have been Chalky that cheated off of him. Doug thinks that Chalky is just putting up a nice guy act but is really mean.

At one point, Doug imagines Chalky walking through a crowd where everyone was praising and admiring him for his greatness, Chalky then snuck behind a tree and took of his skin to reveal himself as a rat man where he then laughed evily.

Doug confronts Chalky whom admited to cheating because he is pressured to do too many things to live up to his parent's expectations and it all worked out in the end.

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