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Emmanuelle 2000
  • Categories:Gender, Female, Adult Movie


It is the beginning of the various movies played by Holly sampson, the main topic of all the series is the transferring the mind of a person with a device (Headband), while the other one is in "stand by" in the body of the other one.
In this series: Emmanuelle pie; emmanuelle is a correspondent to complete a mission: it is to pick up data of the human mind about the feelings and emotions that it can feel each person.. but this device.. falls in the hands of some adolescents, one of them has the power of to read and to force the mind from others to carry out what the one wants, meanwhile the friend has the device; but accidentally their mind is transported to the body of a teacher (very beautiful), this boy immediately leaves to the bathroom to play with that that always had wanted....
the movie has 3 scenes of change of body m/f; animal/f; f/f

Using a mind control device, a high school student accidently takes over the body of the principal's assistant.

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