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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon episode Team Go Getters: Out of the Gate
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode



This was a Pokemon TV special based around the story of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The story is about a boy who's been turned into a Squirtle. It begins with a boy (whose name wasn't actually given) waking up to find a Charmander standing in front of him. Apparently, the Charmander says, "Hi Squirtle", and he responds back by saying, "Oh, wow, a Charmander! I don't see any Squirtle around...". And with that, he quickly looks into a small lake nearby. Upon seeing his reflection, he then looks all over his body and realizes he's been turned into a Squirtle!!!!!! Later on in the special, Squirtle joins Chikorita and Charmander to form a Pokemon Rescue Team called Team Go Getters. Pokemon Rescue Teams are being formed because the world is now in danger by many natural disasters that keep occurring, such as earthquakes.

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