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Teen Titans episode "Aftershock Pt.2"
  • Categories:Inanimate, Television Episode
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 13
  • Overall Episode: #26
  • Original Air Date: August 21, 2004
  • Series: Teen Titans (TV Series)


Terra, a former Titan with powers over the Earth (earthquakes, manipulating geologic objects) who joined Slade, and who also thought she had killed the Titans discovers that she has failed.

As the episode progresses, their fight comes and goes and Beast Boy (who needs no introduction and had a major crush on Terra) hunts her down. He finds that since Terra had lost to the Titans, Slade had decided that he should completely control her body, using a neural uplink that Slade had used to enhance Terra's fighting skills.

At the end of the episode, Terra breaks free and goes crazy with the Earth powers, ultimately ending in an ultimate sacrificial explosion that turns her into stone, (evidently) melts Slade in lava, and begins and stops a major volcanic eruption.

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originally posted by S.S. on 2004-08-21, 3 edits, entryid=2434