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Fairy Odd Parents episode Channel Chasers
  • Categories:Misc, Television Episode
  • tv movie


just saw the last 45 minutes of a hour and half fairy Odd parents tv movie called Channel Chasers. Its like the movie Stay Tuned(people going to every channel on the tv), Timmy along with Wanda, Cosmo and a future version of Timmy(which is stronger version of Timmy than the pilot episode one) have to battle Vicky while going to channel to channel and each time they go to a channel they transform to fit the channel. The ones I saw were

A tom and Jerry like one with the Timmys and Wanda and Cosmo as mice run away from a cat version of Vicky, a loony tunes style channel, a simpsons show "This show makes all the adults even dumber". Then in the final batttle they battle with remotes that control what goes around the show and the themselves. Adult Timmy was defeated on the channel before so Timmy uses the remote to age himself to become future Timmy, he goes 10-13-16-18-20. But at 20 he forgot about everything from Wanda and Cosmo and the adventure and the fary people told Wanda and Cosmo that Timmy is to old to have god parents so Wanda and Cosmo try to turn Timmy back but end up turning him into a baby(like the on in Baby face) but he is mentally a baby as well, he sucks on the remotes and makes a messy in his diaper but he turns back in less then a minute :why do my pants smell". They defeat Vicky, and they show the future with adult Timmy with his kids and by the looks of it he married Toodi(vicki's anoying little sister) due to the girl has her glasses and the boy has black hair. It ends with a robo Vicki watching them and Wanda and Cosmo watching on "Like father like son"

originally posted by Tazz on 2004-08-23, no edits, entryid=2430