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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
  • Categories:Gender, Male, Animal, Video Game, Computer Game
  • Original Game Consoles: Nintendo 64, PC, PlayStation, Saturn, and
  • (c)Midway


This game is a collection of the three prior games, and included many elements from past games.


One of those items is the Animality, that allows a fighter to change into a beast as a finishing move.

These are the animals that each fighter would change into:
Noob Saibot: Anteater
Baraka: Vulture
Johnny Cage: Kangaroo
Sonya Blade: Hawk
Rayden: Eel
Rain: Elephant
Cyrax: Shark
Scorpion: Penguin
Human Smoke: Hedgehog
Reptile: Chimpanzee
Jax: Lion
Sector: Bat
Liu Kang: Dragon
Jade: Cat
Sheeva: Scorpion
Kung Lao: Cheetah
Smoke: Bull
Nightwolf: Wolf
Sindel: Wasp
Ermac: Frog
Sub-Zero: Polar Bear
Stryker: T-Rex
Kabal: Rhino Bones
Kitana: Rabbit
Kano: Spider
Shang Tsung: Cobra
Mileena: Skunk


In this compendium formed by the three first games of Kombat Mortal, the wizard Shang Tsung still has the capacity to transform itself into both male and female characters, so he can become Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Sindel, Sonya and Sheeva.

Also, there is Khameleon, who is a female ninja instead of Chameleon, in the N64 release.

Unfortunately we can't morph into Mk2 Kitana and her "clones" (the hot chick with loose and long hair).

originally posted by Sara on 2004-08-24, 3 edits, entryid=2425