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Earthworm Jim 3D
  • Categories:Gender, Video Game, Computer Game
  • Original Game Console: Nintendo N64
  • Original Release Date: October 1999
  • Also released for Windows: October 1999
  • (c)VIS entertainment ltd


The game takes place inside's Jim's mind (Jim is in a coma). The storyline is Jim's 'Super Ego' has to search through his mind to find his lost marbles.

The final boss in the game is Jim's Feminine side - Earthworm Kim. Her goal is take over Jim's mind which will give her control of his body. (*side note* - since earthworms are hermaphrodites it's completely possible for her to become the 'real' him)

The fight itself is you and her 'pig-surfing' while trying to collect all of the marbles on the map (100 in all). Whenever you touch Kim she will swap bodies with you. When she is in your body she will throw away the marbles you collected and with you in her body any marbles you collect will go to her total (so you need to chase her down to get your body back).

Lastly if you collect every marble in the game and beat the game with a Smart Superhero rank. You can play the game as Earthworm Kim (the game is more difficult).


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