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Pokemon Advanced Challenge episode Gulpin It Down
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode


In this episode, a bunch of Poison type Pokemon called Gulpin completely take over a town, and they just go crazy eating everything in sight.

The professor in this episode (sorry, I forgot his name) uses this machine to help rid the town of all the Gulpin. The machine works by firing some sort of infared laser at the Gulpin, then it breaks them down into tiny particles and fires the Gulpin away from the town.

Ash sends out his Treecko to help get rid of the last remaining Gulpin. But, when the professor fires the laser, it hits both the Gulpin and Ash's Treecko. Then they both go through the machine as particles.

When they are released from the machine, two "spheres of light" appear in front of everyone. Shortly afterwards, Ash and everyone look at Gulpin and Treecko. However, the group is very surprised to find out that the two Pokemon have grown to an enormous size!!

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originally posted by PokemonTrainerLisa on 2006-10-05, no edits, entryid=224