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Space Ace: The Animate Series episode Cute Groots
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode


Space Ace: The Animate Series: episode: Cute Groots

In the short lived Ruby Spears TV series based on the laserdisc arcade game, Ace is still suffering from being hit by the Infanto Ray, and is still sporadically changing back and forth between his adult self, and his scrawnier younger self.

In the episode "Cute Groots", Borf has adjusted his Infanto Ray for use on his Groots (the cat-like aliens from the arcade game). He then has the infant Grootlings snuck onto Earth's Moon Base under the guise of harmless pets called "Cosmic Kittlings".

Once the Grootlings are on the Moon Base, Borf undoes the Infanto Ray's effects on the Grootlings and the battle ensues.

After the heroes win the battle (Duh!) Kimberly and Ace find the adjusted Infanto Ray and decide to try and use it to cure Ace.

The results are less than successful as Ace is temporarily turned into a "Cosmic Kittling".

A very brief scene, but I found it to be amusing :)

Sadly, I've yet to find a picture of this scene :(


originally posted by guest (KM) on 2006-10-09, no edits, entryid=218