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Charles Sheffield book Proteus Series
  • Categories:Misc, Book
  • books Sight of Proteus, Proteus Unbound, Proteus in the Underworld


In the future they use feedback machines to change themselves into other forms. The main character works for the Office of Form control and is the foremost expert in his field. They can change other creatures as well so they developed a test that would tell them if the form started out as human or something else. The Office of Form Control enforces these rules and administers the test. The first book has him chasing down a scientist performing illegal transformations and he has to track him down across the solar system. This is pretty much a setup to the sequel. They are more lenient towards experimental forms in the second and third books. There is tension brewing between the inner system planets and the outer system. So when mysterious forms start to appear seemingly out of nowhere, they snag the main character and transport him to the outer system to investigate. This leads him to some strange code in the systems that causes not only strange forms but in some cases death. Then when a scientist successfully carries out the transformation he becomes an alien that used to live on the planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. For what reason? You may have already guessed, but read the book to find out for sure.

Some TG, some strange combined forms, age regression(not to young but they can pick an age to regress to, if I recall, to keep themselves at a certain age) other TFs and the previously mentioned alien TF.

The first two books are hard to find, they were recently bound into one colume though called Prometheus Combined with a really cool 'morph'cover. The third one is newer and can still be found. Sadly Charles Sheffield passed away two years ago and there will be no more sequels.

originally posted by Indiana Jones on 2004-12-08, no edits, entryid=2156