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The Monster's Ring episode CBS story time
  • Categories:Furry, Television Episode


Boy being bullied buyd a magic ring from a wizard in a shop, that turns him into a monster.

Based on a book by Bruce Coville of the same name, this was adapted into a short cartoon under CBS storytime. Kids of 80-90s just might recall it. Can't remember much from the cartoon, but I remember the boy ended up with bluish/grey skin, and bug out eyes. Towards the end he bacame even more monsterious when he used the ring for halloween and grew a tail, with his features shifting more.

I remember also there was an encantation to the ring.

"I summon the ring to turn me into a monster thing" or something like that. then "I summon the ring to turn me back to my true self"

I think the cartoon differs from the book in a few ways but ive not read it.

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