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Jennifer Archer book Blame it on the Baby
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I got this one a while back and it was excellent! About a 3rd of the book, with great descriptions that are quite believable and often humorous!

I guess no one added it to the list! So here, courtesy of TG collector's message, is a fine story to add to your collection!

3 story anthology. Book contains the story "Blame it on the Baby" by Jennifer Archer

"How many of you who have been pregnant wished that, just for awhile, that your partner could experience it first hand? That would show him.

In this story, Tory Beecham-Todd is fed up with being taken for granted. When will she have the time to accomplish her goals and live her dreams? It seems her husband Dillon has it easy. He gets to have one job--managing a restaurant--while she is a college student, part-time law clerk and full time wife and mother to their daughter with another child on the way. Now, his desire to buy into the restaurant business threatens her desire to enter law school. How could he even consider this without realizing what she needs is a little help? She wished Dillon could realize what it was like for her...

She gets her wish when by a quirk of fate, she and Dillon switch places! He realizes what she deals with day to day, but Tory also comes to realize that Dillon's life isn't all she thought it was either.

Ms. Archer tells a story with a strong moral, while giving us some laugh out loud reading! The unique style is one to look for in the future. At first I thought Dillon's reaction was a little hysterical, but upon reflection, I believe this is more than likely how a guy would react to the situation. The fantasy of having your mate fill your shoes and actually understand things from your point of view is wonderful! And wouldn't anyone love the chance to try to see what makes a man tick."

originally posted by anonymous cj on 2004-12-10, no edits, entryid=2147