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Miss Mystic
  • Categories:Female, Movie


Katrina, an eccentric old fortune teller known as �crazy Katy,� proves to her brother Rodric that the supernatural powers she claims to have are real. Shortly after she tells him the planets predict a surprise, he literally bumps into a long-lost niece he never knew existed. Then Katrina uses an obscure herbal potion to switch bodies with the teenage girl, Alyssa. Alyssa in Katrina�s body must convince her younger brother Freddy what happened. Then the pair try to devise a plan to change her back, enlisting the aid of a waitress interested in the occult. Meanwhile, in Alyssa�s body, Katrina plots with Rodric to kill the old lady so there will be no threat that the girl might reclaim her own body. Throughout the process, past family relationships come up that complicate all of their motivations and call into question their true intentions.

Cast: Katrina-Lee Barnum;Alyssa-Nicole Nelson
Body Swap, Magic,(Also counts under age)



Katrina tricking Alyssa to switch with her

after Alyssa switches with her

Looking at old body in frame

talking about what happened

(he doesn't believe her yet)

How to kill her old body...well lets talk about it!

and more!!!

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