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Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles
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This is a bit complicated. In this web series about two opposing military bases in a canyon on an alien planet, a member of the red team (Pvt Donut) has been stuck with pink armor, and is consequently mistaken for female by the blue team. The blue team, meanwhile, has lost one soldier (Pvt Church) and one cybernetically-enhanced mercenary (Tex), both of whom are now ghosts. The AI from Tex's cybernetic implant, which is self-aware and calls itself O'Malley, fled to another soldier (Pvt Caboose) before Tex died, and Caboose has developed a split personality and keeps threatening to kill everyone. To get rid of O'Malley, Church and Tex enter Caboose's mind. There they meet up with people from the canyon, but as Caboose sees them, eg Caboose here is a paragon and Church adores him, etc; as a result, in here Donut is actually female, and professes her love for Caboose.

It makes sense when you see it. At any rate, you should check the entire series out, as it is one of the most entertaining things on the internet.


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