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Heaven Sent
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie


I got this movie tonight and I rather enjoyed it.

For the most part it is a typical porn movie, pretty awful acting and not the greatest of plots.

However it has some of the stronger tg elements I have seen in a porn movie.

I should warn those that are sensitive that this movie is quite frankly pretty sexist, I think the producer may have an agenda with women but if you are willing to overlook that and/or you get turned on by the idea of being made a woman who is treated a little badly then you should enjoy this movie just fine.

Basic plot of this movie is a man dies and goes to Heaven, is curious about how women thinks so an Angel turns him into a woman to experience it.

Scene 1

Main character has an argument with his wife and leaves. A man comes over and has sex with her. Main character returns, catches them at it and from the shock has a heart attack and dies.

Scene 2

Man finds himself in heaven, angel shows up and tells him how men get into Heaven if a woman does not drive them to blow their heads off and that as on Earth women have it much better, enjoying sex more and all that men have it better in Heaven and women basically serve them. He then treats the main character to a sexy angel woman and they have sex.
After they are talking again the main character says he wishes he could understand women better. The Angel whisks them away.

Scene 3

The main character wakes up in a woman's body spends 52 weeks masturbating and enjoying her body before she has sex with a man for the first time and really loves it. After the angel visits her and tells her how women enjoy sex far more and always orgasm and PMT is great and how they never fake orgasms but pretend to as a means of getting men to do things for them. As an example he shows her how a woman can get what she wants through her body.

Scene 4

The scene being shown. A woman has no qualifications when applying for a job. So of course she takes her clothes off and has sex with him and after he gives her the job.

Scene 5

The main character is in a new woman's body and seems overjoyed to be in it. The angel talks about her being sent back home to Earth so it looks like it is a permanent thing. But before she goes he wants to have sex with her. She starts making excuses, saying how they should just be friends and everything when he cuts her off and ends up saying "Suck my dick, bitch" so treating her fully like a woman now it seems. She complies and they have sex and after it fades to black.

So it would seem she either goes back to Earth as a woman, or stays as his slut or both but in any case remains a woman which is great because often they become men again.


A few links to some pics online and places to buy it.

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