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Apparently a gay porno film with a gender change...

Four men get revenge on a female slut, but the gods above decide death wasn't enough and they sentence her to life as a gay she can REALLY be a slut. The intriguing plot has more holes than and the overdubbing of English makes your average Kung Fu movie look like an Oscar contender.

There is a (rare) female to male gender changein this film.
Marylou, the flirtatious, young man-eater goes one step too far with one of her admirers and irreversibly gets on his wrong side. Soon, the boy discovers that he is one of many of Marylou's tricks. Furthermore, she cheats on him even with his own friends, so he leaves her in fury. The cheated lovers inadvertantly meet in front of the girl's home and recognize their mutual dilemma. Thus the fatal decision is born; Marylou must die for her deeds. As usual with victimized souls, her case is brought in front of the Heavenly Superior Court. Her benevolent "judges" decide to give her another chance, just to cleanse her sins. They let her return to Earth and stay there if she genuinely falls in love with a man. To add a mean twist, she must achieve this in a male body. The events are anxiously observed from above, but the results surprise them all. Marylou, the amazon, lengthened with a few impressive inches at her groin, lustfully embarks on his/her opportunities for redemption, and to avenger her murderers...

Starring: John Cona, Joey Tribeiany, Anton Diablo, Les Devil, Mauer Zeno, Aurel Bull, Nick Flower, John Tank, Jules Saxon, Nad Strawhouse, and Kevin Kline

Directed By: Jasz


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