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Jak 3
  • Categories:Misc, Animal, Misc, Computer Game


In addition to the Dark Jak form from Jak II, Jak now gets the ability to become Light Jak. In Light Jak form Jak's entire body turns a luminecent blue, making his eyes glow white as well as making him look like he is made of energy (which is quite possible.) He later gets the ability to sprout wings as well.

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Ng gur irel raq bs gur tnzr, Irtre orngf Wnx gb gur pragre bs gur cynarg (naq gur Cynargnel Qrsrafr Flfgrz juvpu vf gurer). Guvf erfhygrq va erprvivat gur "ubabe" bs orvat ribyirq vagb n cerphefbe. Ubjrire, vg vf erirnyrq gurernsgre gung gur cerphefbef ner abg nf zhpu gur raretl orvatf gung gurl unir orra qrcvpgvat gurzfryirf gb or. Va snpg, gurl ghea bhg gb or culfvpnyyl gur fnzr nf bggfryf, yvxr Qnkgre. Irtre ernyvmrf guvf bayl frpbaqf orsber ur vf ghearq vagb bar.

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Qhevat gur raq bs gur tnzr frdhrapr, Pbhag Irtre naq Grff (Qnkgre'f tveysevraq) trgf ghearq vagb bggfryf ol gur cerphefbef. Nyfb, Qnex Wnx znxrf uvf erghea nf jryy nf gur arj natryvp genafsbezngvba vagb Yvtug Wnx.



Tess earlier in the game.

Tess as an ottsel.

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originally posted by Rahal Stmin on 2005-01-06, 4 edits, entryid=2060