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Vengeance of the Sorceress
  • Categories:Female, Movie


It has multi and critical to the plot f/f body possessions


The sequel to The Threat of the Mummy picks up a few months after the first movie ends. Tammy Gardner has since left the university for a better-paying job after receiving her degree. Her boyfriend, Professor Casey Wallace, stayed behind at his position but has inexplicably vanished from sight at about the time the story begins. Within days of his disappearance, several others involved in the unwrapping and reanimation of the mummy known as Caesarion (the plot of the first movie) also are reported missing. Archaeology grad student Diana Alexander, meanwhile, has been acting increasingly strange, while her long-suffering boyfriend Geoff now has a peculiar new motivation in life. When Hailey, the girlfriend of new grad student Marc vanishes without a trace, Marc tries to investigate on his own. Diana�s old friend Rachael convinces her advisor (and her own very close personal friend) Professor Bob Hobson to join forces with Marc and other old friends Nikki (another grad student) and Selene (a newspaper reporter back in town for a visit) so they can learn what is going on. Selene, unbeknownst to anyone, is the spitting image of the ancient sorceress Artemis of Alexandria, whose spirit Caesarion had called forth from the black void to inhabit Diana�s body in the first movie. This time Artemis/Diana is the one who calls forth Caesarion from his mummy wrappings to help her. It probably isn�t giving away too much to say there is some body-switching going on in this plot. In short, Artemis is back and she�s not happy! (We find out just why during a flashback to ancient Roman Egypt, which affords viewers the chance to brush up on their ancient Greek.)

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originally posted by Eric on 2005-01-29, no edits, entryid=1988