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Peggy Bacon book Magic Cookbook
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There were 3 (?) children (I believe there were two boys, one very small, and a girl) who lived at a house on a beach for the summer. I think this was a European setting. Their parents may not have been there. They had a (new?) cook named Fanchon who delighted in cooking rich, fancy foods, which the children could not stand. There was another boy who lived down the beach from them, I think, and they all became friends and he helped them out whenever he could. One day, they found a cookbook filled with magic recipes. This was a lifesaver to the three siblings, since they were starving for not being able to eat the cook's food. Following these recipes they were able to transform their group into various animals. One time they changed into dogs. Another time they changed into cats. Still another time they changed into birds. The recipes involved simple foods and incantations. For example, to change into cats, they had to cook hamburger seasoned with catnip, then recite the incantation, and then eat the prepared meal. Then they'd all lay down for a nap and when they woke up they would be a cat (etc.). They would have to eat a prepared remedy to turn back into humans. As cats, for example, they had to drink milk stirred with a crust of bread. I also remember that the youngest boy always changed into something especially beautiful or different. I also seem to remember that at the end, they finally told Fanchon their problems with her cooking, and so she made them hot dogs (or somesuch).

THE MAGIC TOUCH by Peggy Bacon, 1968


originally posted by Inry on 2005-02-11, no edits, entryid=1952