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New Game Cube game set to be released June 1st.

Synopsis: You are John Raimi, a disease-control agent with the
federal government, on loan to an elite counterterrorism unit. Your team is sent to investigate the shadowy Volks Corporation. When the operation goes horribly wrong, you are captured and subjected to a ghastly experiment that rips your spirit from your physical body. You now roam the halls of the Volks
Corporation compound as a spectral phantom, using your powers to scare and possess any human or animal that crosses your path.

If you're going to have any hope of finding your own body, you must employ your hair-raising power of possession to control humans, animals and objects, using the unique abilities of each to explore the compound, solve puzzles and strike at your enemies. Along the way, you must discover the secret of the
Volks Corporation to unravel the mystery of your condition and find a way to recover your human form.

Many TF's in the form of possesion including age, animal, gender, inanimate, mechanical, size.

IGN's Info on Geist


Geist is a new game developed by N-Space coming out for the Nintendo Gamecube this summer (2005). A first person shooter, it follows the story of John Raimi, a government agent who is abducted by a mysterious group who use him in an experiment, during which, his spirit is ripped from his body, killing him. Out of revenge, he begins haunting them with the ability to possess objects both inanimate, such as cameras and computers, and living, like animals and humans, endeavoring to discover their hidden secrets.

Reports of the game have suggested a mild loss of framerate in previous builds, but it looks like this could be a sleeper hit.

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